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Digital sign and flagpole in front of Schallenberger school

Our team of over 45 employees serve nearly 500 students in grades TK-5.

At Schallenberger Elementary, parents and staff work together to ensure that each student receives a rigorous and comprehensive education in a safe, caring environment. 

 All students have the opportunity to think critically, work both independently and collaboratively, take risks, and be creative.  Students are at the core of all decisions and our team is committed to helping students become lifelong learners and preparing them to be the thinkers, leaders, and creators of tomorrow.

Families are encouraged to learn about parent participation opportunities through school committees and school connected organizations. If you want to visit Schallenberger Elementary, please review our visitor guidelines.

Meet our School Administration and Office teams

School History

Moses Schallenberger, for whom Schallenberger Elementary School is named, had a ridge named for him, “Schallenberger Ridge,” near the Donner Lake area. Schallenberger, at the age of seventeen, was a member of the Townsend-Murphy-Stevens party which crossed the Sierra late in the year 1844, bringing the first wagons through the mountains and opening the Truckee River route to California. The cabin young Schallenberger helped build which provided shelter throughout the winter of 1845 for three volunteers guarding supplies, was used two years later by the ill-fated Donner party when they were caught in the Sierra by the early snow storm. A picture of the cabin was painted years later after Moses Schallenberger had settled in San Jose. It hangs in the Statehouse Museum, having been given to the Historical Landmarks Society by the Schallenberger Estate.

Seymour Nightly is our mascot at Schallenberger School. He is an owl. He has been our mascot for over 35 years. We see him on T-shirts, Walkathon posters, at assemblies, and in our cafeteria. He is brown and short. Sometimes he wears tennis shoes. He almost always wears red.