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School Committees


The School English Learner Advisory Committee (SELAC) is composed of parents and educators interested in improving the education of English Learner (EL) students in the district. The District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) members are representatives from each school’s English Learner Advisory Committee (SELAC).
The purpose of the SELAC Committee is to advise school adminstrators and staff in the develpment of the school plan for English Learners.  It also assists in the school needs assessment, language census, program development, and budget development.

School Site Council

The major function of the SSC is to plan, monitor, and evaluate the activities and expenditures for all school programs. The SSC is responsible for the development, revision and monitoring of the Single Plan for Student Achievement, and overall school site budget including any state and federal categorical funds.
SSC meetings are open to the public. if you are not a member, please feel free to attend and be a part of the audience.